Friday, February 3, 2012

How did we get here?

Well, it happened.  Right when I was busy running around from appointment to gym to kid's schools to swim lessons..  I've been so busy with the kids the last few years I didn't even notice it coming.

I, and all my peers got old. Yes, I'm talking about you.  And you.  It hit me hard this week.  Somewhere between putting violet streaks in my hair and receiving news that my 20th high school reunion was being planned I got old.

And then I made the horrible connection between the violet streaks and the getting old.  OH MY GOD!  Am I having a mid life crisis?  Is this what it looks like?  What's next? Too short skirts and botox?  Maybe I'll suddenly feel the need to ride a motorcycle.  Who knows.

Violet streaks.  I like them.  Muchly.  Didn't so much like that it took two days to accomplish, and I had to walk around for 24 hours with strange tiger striped hair.  But the purple I'm liking.  Of course when my 6 year old daughter had a friend over, and I noticed she had the same color streak in her hair my pride shook just a little.  But I'm liking it.

But quasi-punk rock hair.  It's not so bad, right?  I mean as far as mid life crisis's go.  Lately it seems like everyone has a friend.  The friend who is getting a divorce.  Or the friend of a friend who caught their spouse cheating.  Or the buddy who freaked out and quit his job and is moving to Peru to seek clarity.    We're all doing it.  Some by small actions, others by huge life changing ones.  Some are going about it more positively.  I have a friend who is writing a novel.   Another is making a major, positive career change.  Some are having  their last baby, completing their families.

It's a funny time.  Full of self-evaluation.  Questioning.  How the hell did I get here?  As for me, after 15 years of looking a little more conservative than I am on the inside, I'm embracing my inner punk rock girl.  I missed her.