Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Mystery

So I know I owe you Part II of my last post, and I have some other things I want to tell you about. BUT, this is just a quick post I wanted to share.

This morning the girls painted. Painting turned into D2 needing to wash her hands. Washing her hands turned into playing in the sink. Playing in the sink turned into her being totally soaked. Her totally soaked turned into her taking off all her clothes. So, I sent her upstairs to get some new clothes. About 5 minutes went by, and she was REALLY quiet. So I went upstairs to investigate. I found her amid a huge mound of clothes. When she saw me she said "I pooped" and sure enough, the indisputable evidence was smeared down her leg. But here's the thing: I can't find the poop! I've walked around the entire house sniffing and looking and it hasn't turned up!

Where the hell is the poop?


Ivy said...

OMG! That is funny. Good luck. I'd check the giant pile of clothes.

Just Jiff said...

If its not in the pile of clothes, did she put it in the toilet? Lets just hope and PRAY that's what she did.

Jenny Henny said...

Nope! not in the pile of clothes and not in the toilet.

Valerie said...


Do you still smell it?? Maybe she just pooped a little bit?

Hope you don't find it in your purse or something... yikes!!

Dumblond said...

Maybe it was just the stuff stuck to her leg...?
*fingers crossed*