Thursday, October 9, 2008

Getting Old

So my old college friend came to visit this past weekend - the one who had to cancel back in August. Remember that post? The one where I went on about how much we would drink? Yeah. I guess I can start to use our periodic visits as age markers. Haven't seen her in about 2.5 years. Our lameness has definitely progressed quite rapidly since then. They arrived around 10:30 on Friday. We quickly chatted and then both of us were in bed by midnight. She had a glass of wine, to help her sleep (yeah, not for the joy of it, just as a sleep aid.) I barely choked down a beer. The next morning we were all REALLY excited to drink coffee. Yep, coffee. Then she & I escaped from the kids and husbands to run errands. Yep, errands. Did stop for some killer lattes, though. WAHOO! We were wired!

Had a great day playing with the kids at the playground and walking around our town and neighborhood. Was able to exhale when I saw that D1 and my friends 4 yr old got along very well. They were actually very cute together - all huggy and kissy in that cute preschooler way.

Made a great dinner, where once I again I barely choked down a beer. Stopped after three quarters of it because it was making me sleepy. Yep, sleepy. Got the kids asleep by 9. Time to party! WAHOO! So we made ice cream sundaes and watched tv. Even stayed up through the opening monologue of SNL. WAHOO! Not the entire show, mind you, just through the monologue.

It really was a wonderful weekend. Very, uh, mature of us to conduct ourselves in such a restrained manner. Yeah, that's it, we were restraining ourselves from any wild behaviour.

Truly though, the weekend made me very happy. And it made me realize just how priceless an old friend who is getting old along with you can be. She was right along with me at age 20 partying and making all sorts of stupid decisions. She knew me when. And she still loves me now. Jammy wearing, coffee drinking, practical shoe wearing me. And I love her now, too. Sweat pant loving, bunion afflicted and practical car driving beautiful Suz.


Anonymous said...

Hey, it sounds like fun to me!

HeatherY said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Funny how motherhood changes how you feel about staying up all night. Glad you had such a great time with a good friend!