Thursday, April 23, 2009

Checking In

So, I have to be honest with you. I've been feeling a little uncertain about this blog lately. It started out being a place to talk about myself, but as so many Stay at Home Mom's can attest to, talking about myself doesn't have a whole lot of content these days, and so it became telling a whole lot of stories about D1 and D2. But I've been having some concerns about that lately. You see, a lot of people who actually know me in real life read this blog. This was by my own design, so I have only myself to blame. But, I've been concerned lately that maybe I'm not being fair to my little girls. D1 especially. Am I giving her a bad reputation? I dwell on the more, errr, negative aspects because well, for two reasons, I suppose. One is because this gives me a place to vent, and usually feel better about things. And two, because, come on, they are pretty hilarious! Well, that is if you aren't the one cleaning up the egg shells or running after the naked little angels.

My D1 (and D2, too!) are spirited, creative, self reliant and curious. But is that what people think after reading my blog? Or do they think destructive and wild? Do they know that D1 trys to take care of her Mommy and Daddy when they are sick? Bringing them water to drink and a blanket to snuggle with? Do they know that she loves to help Momma bake? Or that she always sticks up for her little sister at the playground? Do they know that she willingly gave up her pacifier to the paci fairy so that little babies who needed their own paci's could have them? Or that the sound of the wind drives her out of her own bed into the safety of Mommy and Daddy's room? I guess I assume everyone knows D1's other side. The way she likes to snuggle up to her Daddy and watch a flyers game, or how she likes to make up stories with her Mama about Princess D1 and Princess D2 and their Queen Mommy. How excited she gets to see her older cousins - you'd think they were rock stars the way she acts!

So I've been holding back a little. Not sure what to write about. Writing about me and my adventures has to include my girls, but to what extent? And is focusing on the negative good for them, or for my parenting for that matter?

I'm just not sure, I guess.


Ivy said...

Oh Jen,
Been there and felt that! I originally intended for my blog to be about me first and maybe kids second. But they are our every day. What we do involves them. And all of us has a little mother bear instinct. I hope you keep writing because I really enjoy your posts.

Dumblond said...

Us moms need to vent but that need isn't there when our little ones are being their sweet angelic selves. Maybe making sure you post something sweet after you have vented...But don't think that you are showing your daughters in a negative light. All of us moms read those posts and think, "Oh yeah. I've been there!"
I too hope you keep writing.

Jiff said...

I wanted my blog to be my anonymous VENT so that I could say what I wanted -- good or bad -- and not let anyone who knows me in real life read it. Well, the first mistake was telling my husband about it. He reads now. So I can't gripe about him. Then a friend from high school found out and she reads it occasionally.

So. I'm stuck. I could start a private blog with no photos but I'm bad at being secretive about myself. Ugh. So I'm with ya.

disney05 said...

I think your blog is awesome, and it makes us all feel like we're in the same boat! Parenting is the hardest job in the world, but humor gets us through it! Having two very sweet, loving, funny, yet completely monstrous children of my own (aka, rock stars!), I know where you are coming from! Keep writing!!!!

Jenny Henny said...

Thanks, Ladies