Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Face Book Reject

So as I mentioned last week, I am addicted to Facebook. I have 142 friends. My hubby has 248. We competed for a time, but he obviously won. I update my status once or twice or ten times a day. I post photos, I look at other people's photos and leave comments. You get the idea, I'm hooked.

So yesterday, I was paging through my list of friends and I noticed something - a "friend", a boy I dated in 9th grade. Well, wait, let me correct that: he asked me to "go out with him" we talked on the phone and walked to a couple of classes together. I never knew what to say to him, we had long awkward silences then about 2 weeks into the relationship (ahem) I had my friend break up with him. He then went on to become a tough boy punk rock kind of dude and was forever rude to me, until like 12th grade when he started speaking to me again. And no, I'm not saying that my breakup from our intense relationship caused all that, I'm just saying that's what he was like. So he ended up living and working in some big city and being single and leading some kind of interesting life that I really wouldn't want to lead. Anyways, I'm talking in circles, aren't I? Are you wondering where this is going? Yeah, so am I. Ok, back to my point. This "friend" had de-friended me! He was no longer on my list! So I searched his name. He still had a profile and he still had 209 friends. 209 of his closest, dearest friends, so close that he obviously didn't have room for little ol' me to be his 210th. What a blow to the ego! I mean do I care about him? Of course not. Do I need to know anything more about him? Nope. But still, I was rejected on Facebook! Was it my lame suburban housewife comments that got to him? Was it my incessant droning on about my crazy kids? Was he only keeping cool city hipsters on his list? What could it have been? Am I not one of the cool kids? Did he hold with him my pathetic rejection for the past 20 years, and finally had his moment to get back at me? Was it the stupid tests I kept taking that annoyed him - could he no longer read what kind of fairy I was or what name I should have been named? Or did he look through my photos and get some satisfaction in the knowledge that I gained more weight than he since school, and now he could move on? What was it?! Why would he defriend me?!

And yes, this is what went through my head as I prepared dinner last night. Facebook has reverted me back to a socially insecure highschooler. The horror.


Ivy said...

I have be un-friended 3 times. And yes, I'm keeping track. No idea why, but I did the same thing you did. Wondered if I was boring them or whatever. Who knew FB would be high school all over again?!

Jiff said...

lol. That's funny.

And I hate all those stupid quizzes that people take so I usually skip over those and read about the real things they say.

Valerie said...

Yikes! Facebook sounds like a scary place, and I intend to stay far, far away from it. I have a hard enough time dealing with playground rejection. Un-friending someone is very uncool. How rude!

Ohhhhhhhhhh.... I get it. He's gay.

Dumblond said...

Who cares about that guy! You shouldn't. You have almost 150 friends!
Those quizzes on FB are annoying. That's why I love Tweetdeck. I get only status updates and DM (and twitter updates) so I don't have to look at quiz results everytime I hop on.
Wanna be my friend? I won't hold the quizzes against you...

Jenny Henny said...

Val, I didn't think of that! That must be it, he is sort of out, and he doesn't want his old HS friends to know!

Sure Dumblond - how do I find you?

gosling_dad said...

"cool city hipsters"? What/who are they? Is that like the guy living on the park bench, sleeping under a February issue of the Sunday Times in Central Park? Is it like the dude with the slicked back hair in the suit that just got busted for the latest Panzi scheme? I'm thinking you did ok by deciding to stick with the bearded aging soccer player.