Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Who is in there?

Nine years ago, when I started my job as Assistant buyer at Aigner, I was asked to write a profile of myself to be published in the quarterly newsletter. Upon publication the catty SHE in the cubicle next to mine commented “you sure have a lot to say about yourself”. Well, of course I did, I was 24, newly married, had a huge disposable income and lots of time on my hands. I had hobbies, interests and things to do! Fast forward nine years and 2 kids later. I’m filling out the application for the Local MOM”s club. The bottom line asks about your hobbies and activities. My mind draws a blank. Hobbies? Interests? Does researching online what will take poo stains off the carpet count? Well, I used to….. but now I….. well, crap. I drink coffee. A lot. Does that count as an interest? So I lied. I put down the things I used to do, or put money into starting and never did.
I wrote: reading (still true, just happens that my most read author at the moment is Sandra Boynton), yoga (well, I used to love it, and I did buy that new DVD that I’m sure I’ll start doing any day now), cooking (finding ways to hide veggies in meals is certainly a creative outlet!) and scrapbooking (the $300 dollars worth of supplies my Mom bought me has to be good for something!)

Am I becoming one of those women? You know the ones. The ones who have no true identity other than their kids? Can’t be. I’m in here somewhere. I just have to scrape off the food stains, and wash my hair. I’m still here! I promise, here and now. I’m starting again. Taking control of me, making time to pursue my own interest. Hear me roar! Well, hear me roar tomorrow, if I get a good nights rest. I swear.

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Keri said...

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! A Mom's group, really? It could be good or it could be awful, filled with women who WANT to be one of those women who lose themselves in their families. What about your own mom's group. Goddess Mommy & Me? Goddess Teas? Something like that. You can advertise on Craigslist and Witchvox and find your local Goddess Sisters.

Have you read The Stepford Wives?