Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Air in Here

D2 is spending a few days with her Mimi and Pop Pop.  Getting in some special alone time with her.
Our first night D2-less was Sunday.  Hubby and I enjoyed being able to focus our attentions on D1.  She read her homework book to Hubby then helped me make dinner.  It really was nice.  But oh my, it was so incredibly quiet.  Even with the tv on as background noise.  The air felt so still, so quiet.  Hubby and I discussed how much D2 brings to our family, our home.  She fills up the air for us.  Her constant chatter, the singing of her own special medleys.  And yes, the bickering with her sister.  It's amazing to us how a little 4 year old being could occupy all the air around us.  Hubby and I both agreed that we didn't like it.  Just didn't feel right.  Yesterday, while D1 was at school, and during the time I usually spend alone with D2 I ran errands.  Telling myself I needed to get these things done.  But really?  I just don't think I wanted to be engulfed by the silence.

Next year, D2 will be in school.  If she gets into the charter school I'm hoping she gets into, it will be a full day of kindergarten for her.  9 am till 3 pm.  How am I going to breathe in all that empty air?

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