Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Fabulous Fashionista

My D2 is cool. Yeah, I know, your kids are cool, too. Right, Right, of course.

But no. I mean she's really cool. Just. Cool. I could certainly fill pages on everything I love about D1, as you could about your children. But that's not what I'm talking about.

Have you ever met someone who was just so self assured,so comfortable in her own skin? A person with style,knew what she liked, and had no time for anything else? That's my D2. She has attitude, creativity and style. SHE LIVES LIFE IN HER OWN FAIRYTALE. She does. I feel honored to be allowed access into D2's world. It's a magical place. Full of Rock N Roll, Hot Pink, Fairies, Princesses and Frou Frou skirts.

In my experience, the style mavens I have known have their fashion rules. They have a look. A formula to their fabulousness. So does my D2.

Her Rules?

1. Wear Pink. Always. Preferably Hot Pink. Although a paler pink can be used at times to keep everyone guessing.

2. Skirts. Always. Whether on it's own, or as a layering piece, a skirt sets off an outfit. Wearing a dress? A skirt layered underneath adds volume and interest!

3. A good article of clothing is seasonless. That fabulous PINK tank top adorned with watermelons? Of course it can be worn in January! Layer it over a long sleeved, solid pink colored shirt and you've got a statement piece.

4. If it has a touch of pink, it matches. Matchy-Matchy is so yesterday. Live a little! If you love the skirt, and you love the shirt, put it together.

5. Every fabulous pink outfit must be topped off with an equally fabulous hair piece. Taffeta bows, great big flowers and multiple pig tails - alone or all together - is the icing on the fabulous pink-frosted cake!

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MacMess said...

So glad you are blogging again, Jen!