Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Well, Hi There

Ummm... Hi.

How have you been? Remember me?

So I took a little break. Yeah. That's it. A sabbatical. A sabbatical from an oft-neglected blog.

But I miss it. So I'm going to try again. Will you come back? I hope so.

Why did I stop in the first place? Besides my short attention span to just about anything?

Well, it's complicated.

I'm going to put it all out there for you.

First of all, I was feeling a little like the only posts I could write were the funny, poke-fun-at-myself types. I like writing those, don't get me wrong, but I'd like to write other stuff. So I'm thinking the New Adventures of Jen will be a little more well-rounded

Kind of like my arse. (Oh my god. Did I really just type that?)

The blog is going to be a little more like me. All over the place. Joking, crafting, cooking, dreaming, savoring, gossiping, bragging and maybe a little bitching.

But I can promise you one thing. It won't be about my love of sports. Well, except maybe my love of drinking beer at Hockey games. I do love that.

And then, well, there was my kids. I was finding, or maybe just feeling, that people in my local sphere were holding some of the stories against me. Kind of expecting certain behaviors from them because of the stories I write about them. My kids are unique. I'm unique. We aren't vanilla. But if you can't love us, then we don't need you around. This is something I'm working on, something I need to fully embrace, but I do believe it.

And then one of the other reasons why I stopped the blog was something a little harder to talk about. Something I'm still struggling with sharing, even as I type this. You see, well one of my girls has a touch of Autism. Just a touch. For reals. Borderline. But still so,so hard to accept. And yes, at this point, almost 2 years after the diagnosis, we are in such a better place. She is doing great. Learning and making strides. And yes, I believe soon, very soon, that it won't be her diagnosis. Or the diagnosis will change to ADHD. Or just pain-in-the-arse tween. My hopes for the blog is to share a little of what we went through, to educate other parents, provide comfort to some. But that part is going to be a challenge for me. It's one of my babies after all. Will I be doing her a disservice by telling all about her? I don't know. Perhaps I will keep it more on what I went through with the diagnosis, not so much about her. We shall see.

But come along, lets see where else my adventures take me!


Krazy Kat Lady said...

Welcome back! I'm looking forward to your crafting entries as you always find such interesting projects to do.

I'm sorry about your daughter's diagnosis. Knowing that & looking back on your earlier stories has me feeling quite guilty for laughing at the funny stuff & cringing at the rough stuff. Big, huge hugs to you - you are an amazing mama and both your girls are absolutely perfect, delightful, and oh-so-good with a child much younger then them. You have a lot to be proud of.

Laurinda said...

I actually just recently found you, through crafting ideas...Thank you! I like Krazy Kat am looking forward to more...
Of course the diagnosis for your daughter must be very difficult, heart wrenching... You are so obviously a wonderful mom...
Look forward to learning more about and from you!

Jenny Henny said...

Thanks Ladies! I'm really exciting about getting things started again! I hope you enjoy.
@ Laurinda - how did you find me? Through Pinterest?

Judy Beckwith said...

You go Jen...Because I'm an old neighbor of yours I do know you are one of the best mothers I know. Please keep up whatever you need to do to be you! You are beautiful and so are the girls. Keep up the great work!

Jenny Henny said...

Thanks, Judy! Wish I still had neighbors like you!