Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dumb, Dumb Doodle

While he's been mentioned, I haven't formally introduced you to the latest member of our crazy cast of characters.

Bailey is our puppy dog. We have had him for a year. He is a a Golden Doodle. Which is fancy for mutt. No, he's a combination of a Golden Retriever and a Standard Poodle. Because our life was feeling so dull, what with the two insane children and all, we decided it was time to add a puppy. Cause you know, we didn't have enough to do.

Bailey makes our children look passive and well behaved.

Not too long ago, I listed for my friends on facebook all that he had done by 9 am:

ate my breakfast
licked half a tub of organic butter
chewed up a candle stick, mesh bath pouf, ball of yarn and a pair of underwear
ate the ear off a pillow pet and half a cardboard box

One other night, Hubby came home late one night to the following doodle debris gathered on the floor:

To improve his behavior, I signed us up for doggy obedience class. They gave me a can full of rocks to shake when he was misbehaving. It totally freaked him out! Worked like a charm for two days. Till he ate the can.

To top it off, he's not the smartest. My hubby will throw him a treat, expecting him to catch it in his mouth. Every single time it hits his head and drops on the floor. He runs into walls. He constantly barks at his own reflection. He still doesn't understand the command "sit!". He prefers the plastic bag over the cookies inside.

We've renamed him. He is now referred to as The Dumb Doodle. I'm not sure D2 even knows that his real name is Bailey.

Like my kids, he drives me crazy. As if my mornings aren't crazy enough, they haven't ended till I've chased him around my bedroom at least once to retrieve my eye glasses or a pair of socks. The afternoons aren't complete till I've yelled at him for stealing D2's snack.

But, just like my kids, I love him. The big, dumb doodle waits for my husband to get out of bed each morning so he can jump up to snuggle with me.(Bet my ultra-chic flannel bear paw print sheets in the picture above are impressing the hell out of you.) In the afternoon, D2 and the doodle snuggle together to watch cartoons. He follows me from room to room. When I get out of the shower, he is leaning against the bathroom door, waiting for me.

Yeah, he's a keeper.

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Ryan Critchett said...

Awww! Bailey seems totally awesome. Glad he's a keeper :)