Wednesday, September 17, 2008


It's that time of year again. The fall and spring make me think of a lot of things. But since having spent time working as an accessories buyer, this time of year means time to change your handbag! It was a definite perk of the job - I had an endless supply of handbags I could wear test or buy uber-cheap. I didn't have to be practical and buy a boring black one that would go with everything. I could experiment, pick a fun color, and if I didn't like it, oh well, I'd find something new. God, I miss that. Have you seen what a good handbag costs these days? I have a horrible, horrible confession to make. And all my former co-workers, if they were to read this would probably be appalled.

The last handbag I bought myself was from Kmart. Yep, Kmart. Not even Target. Kmart. A black suede one that went with everything I wore. The horror.

Now back in my handbag buying days, I was still frugal. But it was ok, I could get buy with samples and clearance bags from Aigner. We studied, and sometimes,uh, "interpreted" other brands, including Coach. I had a healthy appreciation for Coach bags, thought they did a great job. But I never really wanted one for myself. Especially not their logo bags. I kind of found it desperate to be displaying to all the world exactly what handbag you were carrying.

Yeah, 4 years and 2 babies can make a world of difference.

Last Christmas, my husband for perhaps the first time ever, truly surprised me with a gift. It wasn't on my list, but I was absolutely positively in love with it. It was a Coach handbag. Tobacco leather trim with their jaquard logo fabric and big chunky equestrian style hardware. I LOOOOOVED it. I promised him I would take care of it, and only use it for special occasions. Then I promptly emptied out my cheap ass Kmart bag and threw it out. And didn't stop using the Coach bag till June, when it was time to change to a summer bag.

It surprised me how thrilled I was over that bag. I can't even explain it. I guess it made me feel like my old self. Not just practical Mom. Who cares if I have peanut butter smeared all over my shirt? At least my handbag is stylin'.

And now it's Fall again. I'm so excited. Time to bring out the Coach bag again.

I wonder if I'll get another one this Christmas????


Shana said...

I could never get into purses or bags...I got one white one for spring and summer, one black one for winter and fall. They are cute, I got them at Target for less than $20 each and they will do until I break them.
My accessory obsession is shoes. I would love to overflow my closet with shoes...but being a size 12, it is very hard to find all that I want for my ski-feet. Maybe I should just cut off my toes....
Have fun with your Coach!

Anonymous said...

I like handbags, but it's always such a bother to switch around all your stuff just because you're wearing a different outfit. I have the same problem with jewelry.

Lazy--a fashion don't.

Krazy Kat Lady said...

I love bags and shoes but I am way too cheap for designer goods. Keep the Coach bag away from your older daughter! Don't let it become one of her canvases!

maggie said...

I've had the same purse for years, winter, summer, all the same, but it sounds like it makes you happy when autumn rolls around. For me, it's a Pumpkin Spice latte. Whatever makes us smile, right? ;)