Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cute Kid Moment

So, in theory, I don't believe in using food as a reward. I think it sends the the wrong message. In theory.

Anyways, about a week ago, D1 pooped on the potty - yay! This made up 3 stickers, which equals a prize. I was all out of prizes. But I was craving ice cream. So I gave her a scoop of ice cream as her reward. I also gave myself a scoop, you know, as my reward.

Of course after she earned 3 more stickers, she wanted ice cream again, but I went back to my theories, and didn't give it to her.

Last night, after I put D1 to bed, I helped myself to a bowl of ice cream. A few minutes later, D1 comes back downstairs.

She sees my ice cream, claps and says "yay Mommy! Did you poop? Good for you! You got a prize!"

Of course Hubby replies, "no sweetie, for Mommy actually pooping is it's own reward"


maggie said...

Hahaha, that's adorable, all you of you. ;)

disney05 said...

You should NEVER give food as a reward. In addition, you are a hypocrite for eating ice cream after your child is in bed. If it's not something you want her to eat, you shouldn't have it in the house.

Jenny Henny said...

I seem to remember a certain smores incident in your past.......

Keri said...

I fail to understand how eating after one's child is in bed is hypocritical. ?