Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my 34th birthday, or the 7th anniversary of my 27th. You know, the year that one of the worst acts of terrorism occurred in the U.S..

This year was a good one. A quiet day. My husband and D1 woke me with flowers, waffles and coffee in bed. Who doesn't love coffee in bed? Then we took D1 to school and had the parent orientation while D1 was in class. My parents came up, watched D2 for us.

The rest of the day was a quiet one spent with the girls and my parents. Dinner was with the girls, hubby and my Mom. We wore party hats at D1's request and ate pizza. My birthday cake was the best chocolate cake EVER. Have you tried the chocolate cake from Wegman's? If you haven't, do it. It's simple yet PERFECT. Did I mention how much I love this cake?

Then the girls danced around in the family room for us and I read The Birthday Monster book to D1. The girls went off to bed, and then some really nice hanging out time with hubby and my Mom.

Perfect, really.

Some days I want to pull my hair out and run far, far away from this homemakers life. But other days, like today, it just seems way to perfect.


ginabad said...

Oops, a little late, but happy birthday! Or happy 7th anniversary of turning 27 (I like that!)

from a really OLD mommy who'll be celebrating the 16th anniversary of my 27th in november,
gina b

maggie said...

Ah, any birthday that starts with coffee in bed (and flowers and waffles, too!) has to be a good day. Glad you enjoyed. It does have to be kind of different having a birthday on something like what's become "9/11." You just never know what might happen, good/bad/other that makes a certain date take on more significance. In any case, I am glad you enjoyed!

Jenny Henny said...

Thanks, Ladies!

disney05 said...

And I suppose you hyped up your kids on chocolate, caffeine and sugar!

Jenny Henny said...

I sure did!